Thursday, February 25, 2010

Patch work and cobbled stories.

In another demonstration of all spin no substance dear old Kevin Rudd supports a dud minister while trashing the program he was responsible for, throws more money at it, stuffs up the response and still claims that it's a success.

What a completely useless bunch of turkeys we have unfortunately manages to elect. I said on election day that I had the distinct impression that they really didn't expect to win and were surprised and totally unprepared for Government.

Nothing they have done since has convinced me otherwise and they do not seem to be able to get a handle on what they really need to be doing. What they don't rush into without any thought at all they stall forever with meetings and consultation in an attempt to "get it right" as Kevin is keen to repeat ad nauseum.

They have consistently not "got it right" with anything they have done except perhaps the apology to a group of people who has managed to convince themselves or perhaps been convinced that they would have been so much better off if they had been left to grow up in a car or a shanty.

Can you believe that a homeowner who has had insulation installed is going to get a "no that wasn't done right" from the company who installed it in the first place when they check it out? Pigs they will. What dummy thought that was a good idea? Hmmm... I might have a bit of a clue on that one.

As the saying goes, act in haste repent in leisure. After the next election there may well a lot of Labor MPs who will be able to repent in leisure.

Kevin Rudd is as flakey as Gough Whitlam but doesn't have the imagination.