Thursday, March 30, 2006

Long time between drinks

Well, since the last post there have been some changes. Firstly the IT Nazis at work cut off the ability to run my ftp program by searching the url for the letters ftp. They blocked my cgi-proxy so I can't read my email.

But I have had some wins over them as well. I discovered XBasic - Wow. An old program but still pretty much Basic. Compiler, GUI all in one. 32bit as standard, can write 64bit programs, DLLs etc. Builds interpreted programs for development and then can compile to .exe 32bit programs. Comes in Windows and Linux flavours. Runs happily on the Citrix crippled XP system.

I have recently discovered a lovely little program called iBionix on the website. This little beauty can give you changing backgrounds, just put them (any image you want) in the playlist and set the time delay you want and away they go. And it runs of my computer at work. There is also a screen saver but I haven't run it yet.

Others at work have noticed and have asked how I did it (ans: Can't tell you), can I do it for them (ans: no).

I have just been looking for a link to the program but can't find it. I will find it and post it here.