Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Lie of Human Caused Global Warming

It seems that the public are finally waking up to the Global Warming Spruikers lies and mis-information. See this article here.

'Yes, another excellent article pointing out the ongoing desire for us to have disasters' we have to overcome.

Assuming there is climate change occurring, and I have no doubts there is, by what arrogant, ignorant stance could anyone possibly believe that there is only a single cause and that " Human activity" is the single cause of that?

Just look at the equation used to calculate and project the 'warming' trend. High School math should have taught you that you cannot solve any equation with more than one variable unless you know all but one of the values for the other variables. Not a range of values but fixed values. The climatologists have no fixed values for any of their variables and therefore the equation cannot be solved.

Science is not about 'consensus', it is about fact, repeatable, verifiable fact. Consensus is what you get when you bully people by threatening to take away their funding if they don't agree with you.'

The Kevin Rudd and Labor party sponsored Emissions Trading Scheme, the ETS, is based on a lie and a fraud. The only effect it will have is to damage the Australian Economy. It will not nor cannot make any difference to the climate. It might make a difference to the air quality but probably won't even do that.

I am standing up here and stating that I believe in Climate Change, I don't believe that humans either cause it or can stop it. That is just plain stupid and arrogant. One of the problems with a scientific approach which has a belief before examining any data is that you will read into the data whatever your beliefs dictate. You are looking for proof not fact and anything which doesn't fit is discarded or explained away as an anomoly.

If you look at the statements by the "true believers" you will see many many statements clearly trying to downplay or eliminate anything which doesn't fit their belief system. This is the behaviour of a religious fanatic, not a scientist.

Guess what "true believers" you have been sucked in by the spin and BS. Open your eyes and research the facts. Think about them, make your own observations.

By the way, 200 websites spouting the same information from the same site is, in reality, 1 site and 199 lazy webmasters, not proof.

2,000 eminent scientists spouting th same story from the same block of information is 1 scientist and 1,999 lazy scientists, not proof.

2,000 scientist with the same story doesn't make it correct, 1 scientist with a different story doean't make it wrong.

Bring out your proof and facts, verifiable, repeatable, indisputable facts. Only then can we have a proper debate. In the mean time nick off, opinions are like backsides, everybodys got one.