Friday, September 18, 2009

Unleashed: The road ahead

Nothing like the unrequited love between Trevor Cook and the Labor Party to stir up some absolute BS.

Unleashed: The road ahead: "Rudd faces a marathon of 'long, slow boring through hard wood', as Max Weber famously described politics.

And lets face it, Rudd is an expert at long slow boring speeches so this should be easy for him.

Rudd's challenge is to restore the Commonwealth budget to surpluses, while investing the many billions required to make the Australian economy more genuinely and efficiently national in areas like transport, utilities, education.

Of course the massive deficit had nothing to do with Rudd, he just has to fix it. Might have been a little easier if he had been a little less spooked by the specter of a Global Recession and a little more reasoned about Australia's actual exposure to it. Almost none at the time and that is the way it has played out. Our only real issues were the contraction of our global markets and the increased difficulty and cost of borrowing money from overseas. Neither of these were in Mr Rudd's control and were totally unaffected by the stimulus package. Whoops, another miscalculation.

This is not just another economic reform challenge, it is also Rudd's chance to continue the great Labor political project of creating a nation out of the pre-existing colonies that has been pursued by Labor's great prime ministers from Andrew Fisher to John Curtin to Gough Whitlam."

So if it's the case that Labor is busy reforming the nation from colonies to one big nation, how come it's the Labor sate governments which are the sticking point in the reform of the Murray? What a load of codswallop. Open your eyes Trevor, Labor is busy selling Australia to the highest bidder and they have been doing that since the Whitlam days.

Yes it's true that Howard sold off Telstra but that might have had something to do with retiring the massive debt that Labor keep inflicting on Australia. Only took KRudd 18 months to undo all that hard work.

You can see the same scenario played out in almost every wealthy family when the person who knows how to make money and make money work for their benefit dies. The kids take over the empire but they have no idea how to keep the money rolling in so they generally lose the whole lot within a single generation.

Has been happening for generations the same way, Labor is the kid who inherits but doesn't understand the management of money so they stuff it up and the next generation (the Liberal party) has to fix it all up again. It is most unfortunate that by the time the Liberals have sorted out the mess the public has got sick of the austerity of what has to be done and have forgotten who is really responsible for the pain that they elect the dummies back in again.