Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tell me again why we don't need an Independant Commission Against Crime in SA?

Why is media Mike so adamant that he will not establish an ICAC? It can't because of the cost destroying the budget because he is planning to build an unnecessary hospital with private money and commit the state to a massive long term lease. He has committed SA to electrifying the trains and extending the trams (why?).

Could it possibly have anything to do with the real estate developments which have destroyed the Port precinct or the significant project status debacles? Kickbacks anyone? I have never been against bribery and corruption. All I ask is an equal opportunity to participate.

There is no doubt that the Labor party, all states and Federally, are dominated by the Union bully boy tactics. Case in point is the current total stuff up by Rann and Foley over the United Water contracts. If there is a problem with them the finger must be pointed at the current Government because they're the ones who have been paying the accounts for the last 11 years. You can't complain about the bills you've been getting after 11 years.

No this isn't about the contract, which the Labor party ratified when they came to power, it's all about bullying United Water over the current sewage contract negotiations. What a bunch of bastards. I would hope that United Water doesn't just demand their day in court, as they have, but also sue the State Government, Rann and Foley personally for the slur on their good name.

The judge has ordered the parties to spend the next week attempting to resolve this before reporting back next week. Guess your big bluster has been called out Mike. There goes another attempt at rewriting history.

It's been a big week for historical rewrites. Even the milky bar kid has had a go, failed pretty badly and made himself look pretty petty in the process. You don't win friends by consistently lying about known facts or bluff and bluster. Seems that our current and temporary Federal government, in their attempts to be popular instead of being leaders, have resorted to bluff and bluster over the horrendous waste, cost blowout and the inequitable distribution of the funds in the badly conceived, poorly implemented and just plain stupid conceptually Building the Education Revolution program.

Poor Julia can't be expected to be across all the thousands of building projects that are going on, according to her party colleagues (BS, the minister is responsible always), so she cannot be held responsible. Oh yes she can, she must be getting briefings from the department regularly, you don't spend billions of dollars without keeping an eye on the spend. If you are not getting those briefings then you are extremely remiss in your duties and should lose the ministry for that at the very least.

Getting back to the core of the decisions over the cash splash, also known as the financial stimulus package, why was there absolutely no money pushed towards the Murray River? This is an absolute ecological disaster and will be sheeted home to the Australian Labor party for the next century as their responsibility. They would like to blame John Howard but that is not possible because for the last 20 or so years there has been a Labor government in power in one or more of the key states of NSW or Vic and they have been so damned parochial that they have killed the Murray River.

When the Federal government had their first meeting with all the states there was a big announcement on their agreement on the Murray but by the time anything gets done the river will be dead. That's not an agreement on anything but stalling further. Yet more BS from the master himself, KRudd.