Monday, March 01, 2010

More distortions and Lies from Mike Rann and Labor.

I see the Labor party are getting really dirty.

They must be panicking if they are already putting up scumbag sites like this More Rann Lies I would call this defamation since they have registered a domain name that they are clearly not entitled to own.

Mike will of course deny he knew anything about this but it's all his responsibilty. Lets for a moment forget the emotive BS about nuclear energy and radiation.

Nuclear waste can be stored safely in the mines it came out of, in fact it can be stored safely almost anywhere and is.

Did you know that every almost hospital in the world stores nuclear waste? It's true. They cannot move it anywhere because of the irrational fear, drummed up by idiot politicians and greenies, that nuclear waste is dangerous.

If it is so dangerous, why the hell don't we get it out of the hospitals? Pathetic I call it, so many normally sensible people have been scared spitless by this stupid campaign which is really just about point scoring and not about "scientific fact" as Mike and his clones keep bleating.

If it is so dangerous why are we mining it and selling it? Why are we expanding one mine to be a super mine and that's a good thing, apparently. Not even dangerous. What a load of BS.

Why is is dangerous after it has been mostly used up and not when it is just dug up and fresh? If there was the possibility of sensible debate it would be seen that one really good option for South Australia would be to store Australia's and the worlds nuclear waste in a special repository and charge everyone an annual fee until their waste was at background radiation levels, should only last a few thousand years. Wouldn't you like that income stream?

While we are on the subject of lies and Labor, I saw a Labor party ad purporting to be the Liberal Party arguing amongst themselves in silhouette, it made me laugh because one of the profiles looked just like Mike Rann, must have been a Labor Party Caucus meeting.

Does he really think that we believe that everyone in the Labor Party is in agreement? BS, they argue just as much and if they don't then they are redundant and should be sacked. A room full of 'Yes men' is an empty room, devoid of ideas, rational thought and intelligence.

I, for one, would rather my representatives had many healthy debates over almost everything. Anything else is pointless.