Monday, March 01, 2010

More distortions and Lies from Mike Rann and Labor.

I see the Labor party are getting really dirty.

They must be panicking if they are already putting up scumbag sites like this More Rann Lies I would call this defamation since they have registered a domain name that they are clearly not entitled to own.

Mike will of course deny he knew anything about this but it's all his responsibilty. Lets for a moment forget the emotive BS about nuclear energy and radiation.

Nuclear waste can be stored safely in the mines it came out of, in fact it can be stored safely almost anywhere and is.

Did you know that every almost hospital in the world stores nuclear waste? It's true. They cannot move it anywhere because of the irrational fear, drummed up by idiot politicians and greenies, that nuclear waste is dangerous.

If it is so dangerous, why the hell don't we get it out of the hospitals? Pathetic I call it, so many normally sensible people have been scared spitless by this stupid campaign which is really just about point scoring and not about "scientific fact" as Mike and his clones keep bleating.

If it is so dangerous why are we mining it and selling it? Why are we expanding one mine to be a super mine and that's a good thing, apparently. Not even dangerous. What a load of BS.

Why is is dangerous after it has been mostly used up and not when it is just dug up and fresh? If there was the possibility of sensible debate it would be seen that one really good option for South Australia would be to store Australia's and the worlds nuclear waste in a special repository and charge everyone an annual fee until their waste was at background radiation levels, should only last a few thousand years. Wouldn't you like that income stream?

While we are on the subject of lies and Labor, I saw a Labor party ad purporting to be the Liberal Party arguing amongst themselves in silhouette, it made me laugh because one of the profiles looked just like Mike Rann, must have been a Labor Party Caucus meeting.

Does he really think that we believe that everyone in the Labor Party is in agreement? BS, they argue just as much and if they don't then they are redundant and should be sacked. A room full of 'Yes men' is an empty room, devoid of ideas, rational thought and intelligence.

I, for one, would rather my representatives had many healthy debates over almost everything. Anything else is pointless.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Patch work and cobbled stories.

In another demonstration of all spin no substance dear old Kevin Rudd supports a dud minister while trashing the program he was responsible for, throws more money at it, stuffs up the response and still claims that it's a success.

What a completely useless bunch of turkeys we have unfortunately manages to elect. I said on election day that I had the distinct impression that they really didn't expect to win and were surprised and totally unprepared for Government.

Nothing they have done since has convinced me otherwise and they do not seem to be able to get a handle on what they really need to be doing. What they don't rush into without any thought at all they stall forever with meetings and consultation in an attempt to "get it right" as Kevin is keen to repeat ad nauseum.

They have consistently not "got it right" with anything they have done except perhaps the apology to a group of people who has managed to convince themselves or perhaps been convinced that they would have been so much better off if they had been left to grow up in a car or a shanty.

Can you believe that a homeowner who has had insulation installed is going to get a "no that wasn't done right" from the company who installed it in the first place when they check it out? Pigs they will. What dummy thought that was a good idea? Hmmm... I might have a bit of a clue on that one.

As the saying goes, act in haste repent in leisure. After the next election there may well a lot of Labor MPs who will be able to repent in leisure.

Kevin Rudd is as flakey as Gough Whitlam but doesn't have the imagination.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Seven retracts some claims in Mike Rann sex program | The Australian

Seven retracts some claims in Mike Rann sex program | The Australian

But you will notice that there is no claim by Seven that they retract the claim that he had sex with Ms Chantelois.

Media Mike had vehemently denied that allegation but he lies. We know he lies because he has proved that he lies with his claim that he didn't know who had attacked him or why after the one-sided magazine fight in the Wine Centre.

A claim he later retracted. If you want to discover the truth in this matter all you have to do is look at who we know for a fact is a definite lier and who then must be telling the truth when the story has degenerated to a He said She said level.

He lied, She didn't.

It may not have affected his ability to do his job but it seriously undermines his ability to be trusted because we know know he cannot.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Exposed-Dodgy land deals and more lies.

As George Says, "Who can you Trust?"

Not Mike Rann, Kevin Foley, Patrick Conlon or Michael Atkinson that's for sure. Since they control all the output of the Lies Department, sorry the Media Department also called the whirlpool because of the massive amount of spin it generates, they are ultimately responsible for the total crap they throw at the wall.

Michelle Chantelois has called Mike out big time. We have already seen that he doesn't want to have a confrontation with her, just like the cad who has seduced some innocent young lady and got her pregnant and then won't stand by her not that Michelle is innocent or pregnant but her honesty has been questioned.

So he has shown that he is feeling guilty and evasive and gutless. Now she has challenged him to prove he is telling the truth by sending him the results of her lie detector test. Her tests show that she is telling the truth as I said she was on this blog here and here and yet again the lie (spin) machine will kick into high gear and deny the truth. Mike will not take a lie detector test because he will be caught out.

It's quite funny really since he called regularly for lie detector tests to be taken by John Olsen (whom he subsequently employed) when John was Premier and Mike was Leader of the Opposition. How the tables turn.

And then there is this extremely sneaky bit of activity. Notice that this activity took place outside of normal Parliament sitting time and at a time when they are clearly hoping that it will just slide through without notice. Big problem with this is that is that the lies (spin) machine has now said it wasn't passed but the media is suggesting that it has just been deferred. Hmmmm... I guess we'll see this played out over the next few months but in the light of the St Claire land swap, the Glenside development and all the other "Major Projects" the State Government has pushed and promoted I am guessing that this will go through unless we can kick out the Labor Party from office. Bring on the Election.