Friday, July 24, 2009

It's about time I re-started this blog.

Yep, I have been busy all over the internet but I have been thinking for some time that I needed a place to just vent.

I was thinking about starting another blog where I could just post all the things that annoy me. I was tossing around names for it. I have thought about "I'd like to complain..." or "Speaking in Ruddles" and make it a political blog about Kevin Rudd. I played around with "You have to be kidding" and "Stuff that for a joke". Ultimately I decided that every post should end with something conciliatory so you, my only reader, won't get totally offended and stop reading this.

And that is why I have come back to this blog and decided to use it as the platform for all my complaints. After all, what good is a group hug if it doesn't make peace with everyone?

After some more thinking, hey it's a good thing to do sometimes, I also decided to leave the original posts here because they still fit the overall theme of what I am planning for this.

So, let the games begin. On the next post so it's all about the complaint rather than defile the explanation with a complaint.